About us

Agera Distribution is an distro and webshop based in Malmö, Sweden.

The aim is basically to make progressive, radical ideas about equality,  worker's and women's selfemancipation, feminism, self-management,  the climate/the environment, animal rights and so on more available by distributing literature, t-shirts, pins and other merch.

Although the core of the products Agera distributes is literature that tackles subjects around these issues, we do not limit the supply to only include titles under these labels. Agera Distribution also distributes many other interesting books and writings that are relevant and in some way contribute to enriching this tradition of ideas, both in theory and practice, and who can contribute to the debate and community orientation approaching the ideals of an egalitarian,  antiauthoritarian and participatory society. 

In other words we hope to contribute to a world where we have  real control over our workplaces, institutions and society. A society where need and not profit controls the development.

We distribute material in Swedish, English, Esperanto and Spanish.


If you have any suggestions regarding books, magazines, fanzines , or else you think we should distribute don't hesitate to contact us . Do you have your own fanzine, a self published book or something similar that you think fits into the range of products of Agera Distribution don't hesitate to contact us . Maybe we can help with the distribution.

We accept international orders

Payment is possible with PayPal, bank transfer and Swish (only available in Sweden).


If you have any recommendations of books, journals, pamhlets, fanzines, movies or other stuff you think we should distribute don't hesitate to get in touch!

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